Mary Russell

“True teaching liberates the student from the teacher.  He will find the teacher within  himself.  This will not make him arrogant or egotistical; rather, he will have a deep sense of humility as we all should when we face the great Reality.  This humility is not self-deprecatory.  It is the humility of one who is humble before the greatness of everything, even though he feels one  with it.”  –Ernest Holmes
Love, love, love this teaching.  When I found this teaching in 1983, my first teacher was Helen Street in Hawaii, I was so happy.  My only regret was  that Dr. Ernest, the founder of this teaching died in 1960.  I would have loved to meet him and study with him.  My life from finding Science of Mind (SOM) to 2010 was one of movement, being an RV’er, traveling was my life.  Over that time I have taken many SOM classes in many states.  I became a Religious Science Licensed Practitioner in 2017 and that teaching moved my life to a whole new level.  I see my path as one where I help people understand who they are, a spiritual being having a human experience, and that we are each responsible for creating our own lives, there is no need for blame shame or guilt and that we are eternal and loved beyond measure.
My Skills:
RScP since 2017
RN, BSN, MSW with concentration in Mental Health
I see my role as one of service with Love an Compassion for all, And So It Is!