CSLTV Youth & Family program offers Spiritual Education for those ages 4-12 years.

We celebrate the Spiritual Development of our kids, and we are committed to delivering a fun and engaged experience. We educate with a focus on Spiritual Principles of the Science of Mind and Spirit philosophy, honoring inclusivity, wholeness, faith, and fun! We honor each person’s path to knowing God within their lives and we offer engaging experiences through activities, music and creative expression for our youth to know this more deeply.

CSLTV Teen group is a safe and inclusive space where teens are encouraged and guided to explore their spiritual identity. Teen group sessions while based in the Science of Mind tradition are “open at the top,” meaning we explore many wisdom traditions both ancient and new. All teens are welcome, even if they may not share their parents’ belief systems.

Please contact Rev. Charlene or Cecilia Burch for more information.

Rev. Charlene: ☎ 951-757-2571


Cecilia Burch:  951-304-0268

✉ ceciliaburch@csltv.org