Science of Mind Spiritual Practitioners

Each Center for Spiritual Living has a number of Spiritual Practitioners who have spent a minimum of three years conscientiously studying and taking required classes based on a standardized curriculum. These dedicated individuals have made a commitment to furthering their own spiritual growth thru the study of the advanced teachings of Science of Mind as originally set forth by Ernest Holmes at the turn of the 20th century. These teachings have been enlarged and enhanced upon subsequently by other scholars, students of philosophy, new thought ministers and teachers over the last 150 years.

During this training period Practitioners are empowered to heal themselves and others through the recognition of the creative power within us all and by utilizing positive, affirmative prayer. By attending these Practitioner classes each individual develops and hones their ability to offer one-on-one support to others in their spiritual community in helping them create healthy, vibrant and fulfilling lives.

Practitioners serve as extended spiritual arms for each Center’s minister; they conduct educational workshops and book discussions, lead weekly Sacred Circles and guided meditations and monthly Visualizations, offer prayer support for ill and grieving congregants, and in general, share in the work of the Center’s ministry. Upon the completion of their study, these Spiritual Practitioners are licensed to practice professionally, and are bound by a high code of ethics to respect the confidentiality of their fellow spiritual congregants.

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