Pat Clark

Pat Clark, RScP.   ✉

Beth Haase

Beth Haase, RScP ✉  

Janie Currey

✉   “What you dare to dream, dare to do!” – Anonymous I find this extraordinary world a curious place to explore and enjoy. It is filled with unexpected adventures and opportunities eager for investigation. It is my choice to determine how much to explore each day or what adventures to engage. Each morning is […]

Julie Nims

✉ “Each new day may be looked forward to as a fresh adventure, a new beginning,    another starting point in the endless progression of the soul.”   Ernest Holmes I began the study of Religious Science in 1983 when I found a little church in Fullerton. Recently widowed, pain and loss were the catalyst for my […]

Mary Russell

✉ “True teaching liberates the student from the teacher.  He will find the teacher within  himself.  This will not make him arrogant or egotistical; rather, he will have a deep sense of humility as we all should when we face the great Reality.  This humility is not self-deprecatory.  It is the humility of one who is […]

Don Taylor

✉   I trust and know that it is my beliefs and thoughts that demonstrate in my life. Don discovered Science of Mind over a decade ago, and it immediately filled a longing to be immersed in a religious or spiritual realm, which then led him to the perfect path of becoming a Religious Science […]

Jim Willis

✉ “The only really important things in life are the invisible like love, peace, joy, happiness, harmony and God.”  ~ Ernest Holmes & Willis Kinner I’ve been in this teaching for almost eight years.  My wife Jan (who has since made her transition) and I were first introduced to this teaching at CSLTV, when a […]

Ann Woodward

✉ “If today’s actions are noble, tomorrow’s reactions also will be noble.” ~Earnest Holmes “Energy flows where attention goes”. ~Anonymous My exposure to our Science of Mind teaching came early in my life. My grandmother and aunt attended the Hollywood Church of Religious Science from the 1940’s through the 1960’s. I was four years old […]