John Foltz, Jim Reeves and Roger Karlsson form a dynamic trio to support the musical flow of Sunday Services. They have been playing together in this setting since July of 2014 and strive to bring their talents forward into a seamless experience, creating a sacred atmosphere of Sunday Celebration. We are blessed to have their presence in our community.


John Foltz – Artistic Director/Lead Vocalist/Keyboardist

John Foltz has been serving the CSLTV community since October of 2008. Along with his commitment to Sunday Services, he creates the space for guest artists to shine on stage with the trio on Sundays. He also orchestrates many other obligations behind the scenes, such as creating material for the band, sound tech for sanctuary, co-creation of special services, and much more. John Foltz has made a music career for himself starting at the age of two when he began tinkering around on the family piano and his singing voice was nurtured soon after. John has an active presence in the Southern California music scene, and with a wide range of music in his repertoire, he is a go-to musician for local recording artists and performances. He is also a songwriter and has created several albums of original work in addition to scoring original music to spec for other media.



Jim Reeves – Bassist/Backup Vocals

Jim Reeves has served the CSLTV community since September of 2013. Jim comes to us from Kenora Ontario, Canada. He toured Canada extensively and, while based in Winnipeg, recorded numerous jingles and sessions for CBC Radio’s French network. After moving to California, he attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, graduating with honors as the outstanding bassist of the year award winner. After graduation, he was hired by M.I. as an instructor, teaching private lessons and live playing workshops. Since then, he has played all over Canada and the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Japan.





Roger Karlsson – Drummer

Roger Karlsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. At an early age Roger began his study of music. After studying drums for 7 years and playing with various bands and youth orchestras, Roger auditioned and was accepted to play drums and percussion for a famous and prestigious youth orchestra that toured in Europe frequently. This was a big step and the first foray into show business for the young teenager.

During tour breaks Roger played drums and percussion in various musicals and concert bands in and around Sweden. He also made numerous recordings with regional artists and soon became a full-time professional musician.  In the late 80s Roger started his own music group that played electric Jazz. Roger wrote the music and played drums. After releasing three live recordings in Europe, he decided to take the band to the US and relocated to Los Angeles, CA. After a few years and many live performances the band disbanded. Currently, Roger is still performing, teaching and writing music in his hometown of San Diego.