Pam Migliozzi

I accept that God is active in my affairs. Knowing that God is in all people, there is joyous cooperation with others. Therefore, I help and I am helped. Knowing that God is the great giver, I accept God’s gift and myself become a giver to life.”    Ernest Holmes

I originally came to the Temecula Valley Church of Religious Science in 1999.  Upon my relocation to the Temecula Valley, I returned to the Center for Spiritual Living Temecula Valley in April 2012 and knew I was “home”.   I immediately began taking classes and discovered such profound joy as I expanded my understanding of our teaching and deepened my spiritual practice.   I embraced practitioner training which I completed in 2017.  I’m so grateful for my teachers who continue to inspire and encourage me; Rev. Pat Campbell, Beth Haase, Shari Sorbo and of course Rev. Katherine Economou.  As a life-long learner, book lover and seeker of knowledge, I strive to continually learn from the masters.

The one word I chose to define my ministry is “service”.    My greatest happiness comes from serving and knowing the Truth for all beloveds.  The love, encouragement and joy I continually experience at CSLTV has transformed my life.  I am blessed and so grateful for my loving and supportive husband, family and friends.

My Skills:

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Human Resources Consultant

Training and Development

Customer Service Manager

20+ years corporate experience