Laura Garrett

“Truth, omnipresent in my consciousness, is the law of elimination to every form of discord in my experience, Spiritual law governs my being, my body, my household, and my business. Spiritual law governs my consciousness. Spiritual law permeates, maintains, and sustains me.”      ~ Joel S. Goldsmith

I was introduced to Science of Mind in 2011 when I first attended services at CSLTV. I began classes two weeks later. I found myself experiencing a deep pull from inside, seeking answers through spiritual awareness and enlightenment. I had a strong desire for a greater understanding of Life, a deeper sense of knowing. I began to see how faith, trust, choice, belief and acceptance could transform my life. I learned how creation is always happening exactly as it is, according to my beliefs.

I have been inspired by the teachers in the CSLTV community, from the Ministers and Practitioners to the community at large. I am inspired by the love and limitless support that is always present in each individual.

…God in Action in All…

It is my intent as a Practitioner to be a source of support and spiritual guidance to those who are seeking a greater understanding of life. I see my role as Practitioner to be one of compassionate companioning, providing services of support through the practice of spiritual truth with confidentiality, love, and caring in a nurturing environment of truth.

My Skills include:

  • Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner RScP
  • Licensed Neurolinguistic Program Practitioner NLP
  • Providing Spiritual Guidance and Support
  • Practicing and teaching SOM principles for greater understanding of, and experience in, Life
  • Expressing caring, compassionate companioning through life challenges