Kate Birky

“Make my day, ask me to pray.”

One of my greatest joys is to pray with those who request prayer. When we can’t see the greater picture in the current circumstance I know how helpful it can be to get out of our own way, to give up control (if only for a moment) and allow another to remember the truth for us; the truth of who we are, the truth of our source, the truth of the situation, the truth of our divine nature. We are all one. We are all living life and living the principals, consciously or not. We are all practitioners whether we remember it or not. We are all becoming the best that we are.

My Skills:

Licensed RScP Practitioner since 2005

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to become certified as a chaplain
  • BS degree in education
  • Sign language interpreter in a past life
  • Currently working as an end-user software trainer
  • Blessed with a wonderful family, amazing friends, a great job and this philosophy