Jim Willis


“The only really important things in life are the invisible like love, peace, joy, happiness, harmony and God.”  ~ Ernest Holmes & Willis Kinner

I’ve been in this teaching for almost eight years.  My wife Jan (who has since made her transition) and I were first introduced to this teaching at CSLTV, when a friend of ours simply invited us to come to one of the Sunday’s services.  We both loved it so very much, we came back every Sunday since and started taking classes immediately.

The ministers (teachers) who have inspired me the most were firstly Rev. Dr. Pat Campbell and then, of course, Rev. Katherine Economou.

After some five years of attending services each week and taking classes, I knew that I needed to become a Practitioner.  My role as a Practitioner for this Center involves staying active, loyal and supporting to both the Center and the Senior Minister as well as knowing the truth for all who come to me for healing.


  • Retired Graduate Engineer with 42 years of Naval ship design experience.
  • Married to the love of my life with two wonderful kids and six fantastic grandkids.
  • “Found” this religious science teaching after 66 years of being a recovering Irish Catholic.
  • At the age of 74 became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner (2015).
  • CSL-TV representative on the Interfaith Council of the Temecula Valley