Debbie Haun

“By using success mantras, affirmations, and affirmative prayer we are able to reprogram our subconscious mind and set a new causation in motion that will produce the desired result we seek. What is known in One Mind is known in all  minds, for we are part of the Whole and no one is separate.”    – “Dare To Be Great”,  ~Terry Cole-Whitaker

I’ve always been more spiritual than religious. Raised as a Baptist, I then converted as a young adult to Catholicism, and soon left that path.  I am a seeker of change and transformation on my journey through life. I believe consciousness is everything! Our thoughts are always trans-forming energy and creating our realities. I love accepting that I am responsible for my life. That means I have the power to change any experience by applying spiritual tools and practices in my life. I implement these tools in my sessions with my clients. I’ve found that it is incredibly rewarding to meet with a practitioner.

My spiritual home has always been CSLTV. I entered her doors in March of 2002. ‘Loved the classes and the people. Rev. Dr. Pat Campbell was my teacher for many years. I attended classes one right after another and went promptly into practitioner training in the fall of 2004.

I loved the high-level practitioner consciousness training that I experienced with Rev. Dr. Heather Clark. I became a licensed practitioner in 2005.

Louise Hay was my first teacher to guide me in my understanding of consciousness and that a healthy Mind equals a healthy Body, from her book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” I have had many other teachers from family members to friends and spouses, colleagues and high conscious leaders such as; Louise Hay, Raymond Charles Barker, Ernest Holmes, Wayne Dyer, Thomas Troward, Rev Katherine Economou and many others.

It is my intention to support our CSLTV home and family community with the conscious awareness of One Mind focused on loving and seeing God in the eyes and hearts of everyone creating a peaceful world.

My skills include:

  • Licensed RScP Practitioner since 2005
  • Facilitating a quarterly community spiritual practice Drumming Circle
  • CSLTV teaching assistant for evening classes for two years