Ann Woodward

“If today’s actions are noble, tomorrow’s reactions also will be noble.” ~Earnest Holmes

“Energy flows where attention goes”. ~Anonymous

My exposure to our Science of Mind teaching came early in my life. My grandmother and aunt attended the Hollywood Church of Religious Science from the 1940’s through the 1960’s. I was four years old when I first attended Dr. Bitzer’s church.

From my childhood, throughout my adult years, I have kept returning to SOM. I found more traditional teachings did not express the understanding of God as a Universal Force for Good, in the way SOM does.

There have been many teachers and ministers who have influenced me over the years. The following are the first who come to mind: Meister Eckhart, Thomas Troward, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Kahlil Gibran, Gary Zukav, Raymond Charles Barker, Plato, Jesus, Buddha, Pema Chodron, Joseph Campbell, Deepak Chopra, Alan Watts, Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer, and my first SOM minister, Dr. Robert Bitzer. There are many, many more teachers!

I was so blessed to find our Temecula Valley Center. It was during the Gulf War.

I was trying to make sense of what was happening at the time. I felt that I needed a balancing influence. The moment I stepped through the door of the Center, I knew I was home! Even though I had been in our teaching all my life, I needed others of positive thought to help me find the balance I was looking for.

I first received my Practitioner’s license in 1994. I have been an active member of our Practitioner core, teaching classes, hosting Sacred Circles, teaching Sunday school and basically assisting when and where I am needed.

My greatest joy is in helping those who are seeking; in knowing their Truth, knowing that everything is in perfect order, and knowing that Love, Joy, and Harmony are aspects of God available to all.

“Sister Bear”